• The students are encouraged to participate in various co – curricular, extra curricular and scientific activities.
  • Study tours are organized to strengthen Industry – Institute interactions.
  • Guest lectures are organized and eminent personalities from Pharma industries and related fields are invited to give an insight of current developments in Pharmacy.
  • Cultural, Social and Religious harmony has been maintained over the years through various functions.
  • Co-curricular & Extra Co-curricular
    1. Fresher Party
    2. Teacher Day
    3. Iftar Party
    4. Fare-Well Party
    5. Picnic
    6. Annual Social Gathering ( Sports and cultural weeks
      are arranged every year )

Industrial Tour

  • Industrial exposure is provided by arranging their visit to both small and large scale Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Industrial exposure helps students to understand the subject concepts much better.


  • The Guest Lecture Delivered by Dr. A.P.Pawar on 14-10-2007. on the Topic “Role of pharmacist in healthcare”.
  • The Guest Lecture Delivered by Dr. Burande on 22-10-2007. on the Topic “Scope & challenges inPharmacy”.
  • The Guest Lecture Delivered by Dr. Suresh Pardeshi on 3rd Feb 2007, on the Topic ” Positive Attitude and Personality Development
  • The Guest Lecture Delivered by Mr. Kiran Gabure on 5th August 2006 on the Topic “Achievement & motivation in Pharmaceutical Marketing”
  • Guest Lecture on The Pharmacist of 21st Century by Dr.A.P.Pawar was conducted on 19th September 2006
  • Dr.M.D.Burande on the Topic of Community Pharmacy conducted The Guest Lecture on 15th December 2005.
  • The D. Pharm students’ were fortunate enough to listen to the eminent speakers like Dr. C. K. Kokate, Dr. N.P. Rao, Dr. M. D. Burande, Dr. M. H. Deghan, Dr. S. C. Bhide & Mr. Ziyaurrehman.


  • Our Institute team had participated in the Maharashtra State Level inter Pharmacy colleges sports competition at Y.B.Chavan College of Pharmacy & Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Poona College of Pharmacy, Pune & Aurangabad


  • The Quiz Competition On the Topic “Pharmacy Profession Challenges and Opportunity” Organized by National Pharmacy Week (N.P.W.) at Pune.


  • State level Paper Presentation at N.C.D’S College of Pharmacy Nerul New Mumbai, Organized by M.S.B.T.E.0n 14/02/2007
  • Principal Mr.V.N.jagtap presented poster on “Current Status in Buccal Drug Delivery” in 11th APTI National Convention held at Banglore on 1st to 3rd September 2006.
  • Principal Mr.V.N.jagtap and Mr. Manish Wani presented poster on “Ethosomes-A novel method to enhance transdermal drug delivery” in APTI conference held at Nagpur on 17th and 18th Oct.2005.
  • Mr.S.Z.Jagirdar published Paper on Medicated Chewing Gum-A review in IJPE.
  • The APTI conference was held in Vishakhapatnam. The conference was attended by Principal Mr.V.N.jagtap along with Mr. Manish Wani Lecturer. In the conference Poster presentation on the Topic “Marine Organism: A Source of Novel Drug Delivery System was done.


  • Principal Mr.V.N.jagtap Attended 12th APTI Annual National Convention at Chandigrah Was held on 24-10-2007 to 27-10-2007
  • Principal Mr.V.N.jagtap Attending in 59th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress at Varanasi on 20-12-2007 to 23-12-2008
  • Mrs. Saba Shaikh Attended the Seminar of Nation Knowledge Commission Report in Abasaheb Garware College on 24-03-2008.
  • Two Day Workshop:- Mrs. Saba Shaikh and Mr.D Mushtaq A khan A Two days workshop on “Pharmacy Profession Challenge and Opportunities” was organized by M. S. B. T. E. Regional Office Pune and the same was conducted by Dr. M. D. Burande on 29th & 30th June 2007. The workshop was helpful to Pharmacy Teachers because it made them understand the responsibilities of Teachers towards the Students and Society.
  • A One Day Workshop on Ideal Drug Store Management was organised by college & conducted by Dr.M.D.Burande on 10th January 2006.Certificates for the same were issued to the student
  • The I.P.A.-C.P.D. First National Convention: Students and Staff Participated in two days National Convention in Pune on 3rd and 4th February 2006.Four Posters were presented by Teachers and students. Poster by Mrs. A. R. Ganbote on “The role of pharmacist in Pharmacovigilence” was awarded First Prize. Students also participated in cultural and Patient Counselling event of convention.
  • The APTI conference was held in Vishakhapatnam. The conference was attended by Principal Mr.V.N.jagtap and Lecturers.

Other Activities

Independence Day

Celebrate flag hosting ceremony at V.M. Gany Sports Complex & Pavilion Azam Campus on Independence Day 15th August 2016.

Youth Baton Relay

Participated in Youth Baton Relay held on 8th October 2016.

Republic Day

Celebrate flag hosting ceremony at V.M. Gany Sports Complex & Pavilion Azam Campus on Republic Day 26th January 2017.


1.Shiv Jayanti Rally held on 19th Feb. 2017.

Culture and Sports Week

Cultural and Sports week was celebrated from 22-12-2016 to 28-12-2016.